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Paul Underhill

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Daoist teachings

Traditional Chinese Medicine and T'ai Chi both have their roots in the Daoist philosophy; an ancient philosophy which sees us as an integral part of nature and which is still relevant to today. We live in a society, however, that has moved a long way away from nature and, some would say, we are now paying the price for doing so.

I have long believed that we in the West do not have a monopoly on knowledge and that others belief systems can often provide solutions to the things we find difficult.

So I've written, at times, on thoughts I've had where we might improve upon things by applying this different philosophy. From the nature of Qi, to the nature of change as envisaged by the Deming cycle and, finally, by how a Daoist outlook could benefit the complex and costly process of IT Service Management (as presented at the national conference at Brighton in 2005, and other places since). I hope you find them stimulating.